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Find information with regard to Car Giant Limited and its subsidiaries (“Cargiant”) Tax Strategy for the year ended 31 December 2020 at www.cargiant.co.uk/tax-strategy

For more information with regard to Gender Pay at Car Giant Limited (“Cargiant”), please access  Cargiant Gender Pay Report 2017Cargiant Gender Pay Report 2018 / Cargiant Gender Pay Report 2019 in PDF Format.

To read our statement on Modern Slavery statement at Car Giant Limited (“Cargiant”), please access Cargiant Modern Slavery Act Statement 2017 / Cargiant Modern Slavery Act Statement 2018Cargiant Modern Slavery Act Statement 2019    / Cargiant Modern Slavery Act Statement 2020 / Cargiant Modern Slavery Act Statement 2021 in PDF Format.


Administration Fees

To ensure we can offer all our customers the best value we have tailored our administration fee to our customers individual circumstances. This fee is a compulsory fee and applies to all our cars depending on your below circumstances:

Visit Cargiant's T&Cs for further information